HERO DOWN: Police Officer Shot Responding To Domestic Violence Call


Law enforcement officers generally have no idea what to expect when dispatched to a call. With only a small amount of information, these men and women answer countless pleas for help. Unfortunately, any call can be their last.

One common misconception today is that social workers, instead of law enforcement, should handle domestic violence calls. Unfortunately, these tend to be some of the most unpredictable and dangerous situations law enforcement officers face.

For example, two officers in Myrtle Beach, SC recently responded to a domestic violence call. Not many details are available at this time, except that gunfire erupted shortly after the officers arrived on scene. The suspect shot both officers, killing one and injuring the other.

The Myrtle Beach police department and community lost one of their best public servants. Officer Hancher served his community for 4 years as a Community Service Officer before becoming a Police Officer just under a year ago. He also served as a volunteer firefighter. Clearly, his community meant a lot to him.

America must remember and honor the sacrifices our law enforcement officers make for our peace and safety. If you see one in your daily routine, take the time to smile and thank them for their service. You never know when one will stand and make the sacrifice for someone you love.




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