Firefighters Rescue Injured Elderly Woman From Her Flooded Home

TN Water Rescue

Rains are a renewing source of life. However they can also bring about a destructive force: floods.

When floodwaters rise, people can become quickly trapped in their homes. Residents, especially older ones, have a hard time getting out of their homes, needing help getting to safety.

Water Rising

In Tennessee, days of continuous rainfall led to a Maury County woman becoming stuck in her home. The older woman’s home was entirely surrounded by water, making it impossible for her to get to safety.

Maury County Fire Department was dispatched to rescue her. According to Chief Eric Hileman, after she called for assistance, volunteer firefighters, who work with the county, were sent to her house.

Hileman said, “She had fallen and became injured.”

Quick Rescue

Source: YouTube

The woman lived near the Duck River, which was predicted to reach over 40 feet, leaving the flood zones underwater. Since the area could not be reached on foot, the department deployed their swift water rescue team.

They loaded the woman onto their boat and transferred the 94-year-old woman into an ambulance that then took her to the Maury Regional Medical Center.

“We are here to help. Our firefighters performed a safe rescue and brought her back to shore.”

Chief Hileman

One of Many

With the numerous storms hitting the middle of Tennessee throughout the week, the department has received a plethora of calls for help.

The department has even rescued a man from the Duck River who was stuck on top of his vehicle. Hileman said many calls are 100 percent avoidable if drivers stop trying to pass through the flooded roads.

Hileman said, “A lot of the calls we have responded to because someone has driven through a barricade.”

Necessary Help

When natural disasters hit, first responders kick it into overdrive, working tirelessly to keep people and animals safe from rising waters. Firefighters use their skills and training to retrieve flood victims who become stranded in their homes and vehicles, bringing them to safety.



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