Pregnant Woman Names Baby After The Firefighter Who Delivered Him

Station Delivery

Most women spend their final weeks of pregnancy preparing for their delivery. For most, it includes a timeline and a checklist for when they are going to head to the hospital and what they will need to bring.

Other’s go so far as to plan out every detail in their birth plan and have a soundtrack. However, one Alberta woman’s birth plan took a major detour.

Heading To the Hospital

Mother of three, Randi Dyck knew it was time to head to the hospital to deliver her fourth. The only problem was her delivery began progressing faster than she expected, and they lived an hour from the hospital.

According to iHeartRADIO, Randi and her husband Peter had to make a last-minute choice. “Very quickly, the contractions got closer together. By the time we hit Beiseker, I think they were every three minutes,” said Randi.

As Peter drove into Balzac, he figured out their new game plan.

“He said, ‘the fire station is right there, and I see the doors, and they’re open. So that’s where we’re going.'”

Randi Dyck

Fire Station 107

As Peter pulled into the station, Randi resisted the urge to push, not wanting to deliver in the car. According to Global News, Peter ran into the fire station yelling, “My wife’s in labor. We need to do something.”

The six firefighters moved quickly, pulling out mats and trying to bring Randi into the fire station gently. Randi said, “… I got down on all fours, and out came a baby.”

A fire station delivery was just as unexpected for the firefighters. “I’ve been doing this for 42 years and have only been involved in two deliveries,” Fire Chief said. “Our crews are very professional and, of course, I’m very proud of them, as always.”

The station in Balzac is newer in the area. Since the team is often out on emergency calls, Smith encourages people to call 911 if they have a medical emergency.

The day was extra special for the firefighter who caught the baby, Fire Capt. Devin Teal. “I’ve never witnessed a childbirth,” Teal said. The couple chose to use Teal’s name for their son’s middle name, Charlie Teal Dyck.


While firefighters do not get to deliver babies often, they do have emergency training. This certainly is one emergency these firefighters will never forget.




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