Heroic Police Officer Struck By Gunfire While Protecting Abuse Victim


Police officers often find themselves in the midst of shootouts with suspects. Whether they are responding to a robbery, chasing down a car theft, or responding to an abuse call, the threat is always there. One Las Vegas officer is being awarded a medal for his last encounter.

Many Shootouts

Keith Borders, an officer with the Metro Police in Las Vegas, has been an officer for nine years. In that time frame he has been involved in six different shootouts.

However, there is one shootout that stands out in his mind. He responded to a domestic disturbance call in April 2001.

He was face to face with Don Mettinger, 49. Borders got Mettinger’s girlfriend to safety behind a patrol car while Mettinger went into his home.

He came back heavily armed and quickly began firing at Borders. Mettinger fired multiple shots from inside his home and continues to shoot as he came outside.

Borders was shot four times in the head by Mettinger’ s shot gun. Mettinger was killed by Borders return fire.

Highest Honor

To this day, Borders still has four pellets inside his head. It was his third time being shot in the line of duty. “I don’t run too fast or jump too high anymore,” said Borders.

Borders received a Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor in 2003, a brand new honor at the time that is currently the highest honor available in the country. The award was presented to him by Vice President Cheney and Attorney General John Ashcroft in a ceremony at the Capitol.

“It’s a wonderful honor. But I don’t do anything to win awards. My job is to make sure the good guys win, and the bad guys don’t.”

Keith Borders

His supervisor Capt. Tom Conlin was “extremely proud of Borders and his award.

“When someone becomes a police officer, they know they may have to take a life at some point and may have to give their life to save someone. Without thinking twice, Borders literally shields this woman with his body. He took several bullets for her, someone he doesn’t know.”

Capitan Tom Conlin

Just Doing His Job

While Borders did not feel like he needed an award for the steps he took to save another life, it certainly was earned. Officers may feel they are just doing their jobs. However, it means the world to the life they saved.

Source: Las Vegas Sun



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