Beloved Correctional Officer Gunned Down In Cold Blood

Vancouver Shooting

Shots rang out in the Scottsdale Centre mall located in North Delta. According to the Vancouver Sun, correctional officer Bikramdeep Randhawa was near the gas station at the time.

Officer Down

Randhawa, who worked at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, was hit with a bullet from the shooter at almost 5 p.m. Even though first responders worked tirelessly to save Randhawa’s life, he died of his injuries.

According to the head of Investigative Services at Delta Police, Insp. Guy Leeson, “Despite the best efforts of Emergency Health Services, unfortunately the victim in this incident did pass away,”

Randhawa was only 29-years-old and was looking forward to a career in law enforcement, taking courses at the university while working full time at the correctional facility. According to a former officer, the facility houses many gang members, and these gangs have “no regard for life.”

Searching For Motive

Officers are still looking into what the motive may have been. They are even considering the idea that it may have been a case of mistaken identity.

Though, from the primary evidence, Insp. Leeson says he believes it could have been a targeted shooting.

“This shooting took place in a very public manner, and we are very much aware of the possible risk to innocent bystanders. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear there was anyone else injured during this incident, but we ask those who might have any information to contact police.”

Insp. Guy Leeson

Witness Accounts

Witnesses posted videos to Twitter showing what appears to be a shooter with a handgun running across the parking lot and hopping into a car.

A secondary video posted another angle appearing to show cars that the fleeing suspect wrecked on his way out of the parking lot.

Since the shooting happened in such a public place, officers had many eye-witnesses to speak to about the incident. Officers have also found what they believe to be the shooters Mazda burning in an alley close by.

“Officers have been interviewing witnesses in the area, and we are also in possession of video that appears to have been filmed immediately after the incident,” said Leeson. “

Promising Career Cut Short

Incidents like this are particularly jarring for the law enforcement community, especially when they do not know whether or not the shooting is directly tied to Randhawa’s work or not.

Finding answers will hopefully bring some closure.




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