Police Officer Saves Baby Who Stopped Breathing


When you first your baby home from the hospital, you worry about every cough, sneeze, hiccup, and how much they are eating. Other times you worry if their fussiness may mean something more.

For one Pennsylvania couple it did.

Hospital Bound

According to WPDE, a Pleasant Hills couple was concerned about how fussy their 9-day-old daughter was and decided it was time to take her to the hospital. Joe Schleicher and his wife were well on their way when his wife realized that something was not quite right.

Schleicher said, “She said she’s not breathing. She’s not breathing. I have to get her out of the car seat, and we were sitting at a red light at that point.” 

That’s when they looked over and saw Pleasant Hills Officer Kristin Mitrisin in her car a couple cars up from them.

Flagged Down For Help

According to WTAE, Mitrisin was on her way to McKees Rocks facility with drugs she had collected during a drug take-back event with her department.

“I heard beeping nest to me. I looked over to the side. I saw a gentleman waving in his car. I put down my window, and I asked him, ‘Sir do you need help with something?’ He said, ‘yes, I need you to get me to the hospital. My baby is not breathing.'”

Officer Kristin Mitrisin

Mitrisin had to process what Schleicher had just told her. She repeated it back to him to make sure she heard him correctly. When he confirmed she heard him correctly, she had him pull over immediately so she could assist.

Truck Bed CPR

Mitrisin had him pull into a lot that was along the Saw Mill Run Boulevard. She put the tailgate down on the police pickup truck that she was only driving to transport the boxes.

Schleicher said he put his babies life in the officers hands. Mitrisin began to perform CPR on the little one.

“The baby finally took a gasp for air after about a minute of CPR,” said Mitrisin. Even though paramedics were on their way, Mitrisin knew she could get the baby to the ER faster.

It took her 20 seconds to get there, and she ran baby Olivia into the doctors. It turns out baby Olivia has a heart condition.

Officer Mitrisin was definitely in the right place at the right time.




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