Top Three Most Chilling Military Ghost Stories

USS Hornet

Everyone loves a good ghost story. There is something fulfilling about getting the pants scared off of you. It’s even better when you can visit the location and see specters, objects mover, or even hear voices from long ago.

The U.S. has plenty of ghost stories, and the military is no exception. Here are three popular ghost stories that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

USS Hornet

USS Hornet was used in World War II and in the Vietnam War. The ship and her crew were given many awards for service and missions. The USS Hornet also recovered Apollo 11 and 12.

Over the years, over 300 of the USS Hornet’s crew died either from accidents or suicide. The ship now sits permanently in San Francisco and is open to the public for visiting. Those who have toured the boat have witnessed ghosts walking through, instruments going wonky, and have heard voices. The ship has been christened, the most haunted ship in the United States.

USS Arizona

WWII Navy ship USS Arizona was one of the targets of the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. It lies underwater as a reminder of the terrible tragedy that occurred that day. The watery tomb holds 1,102 soldiers. Since the soldiers passed so tragically, people believe that their souls did not move on and still hang around the ship.

Officers have reported many unexplained occurrences near the ship. They have named the spirit “Charley.” They say everything he does is harmless, like opening and closing doors and turning on faucets. Though, it’s been said there is another ghost who hangs around the ship’s deck at low tide. He strikes fear and sadness into those who come to see the memorial.

Fort Leavenworth

U.S. Army Garrison Fort Leavenworth is an active Army base, however, it is also haunted by the ghosts of its past. General George Armstrong Custer haunts multiple places but roams the General’s Residence. Not all buildings are haunted all the time, though some are said to experience more strange occurrences than others.

The Rookery has had many different reports of unexplained noises, missing possessions, and ghosts seen walking around, among other things. St. Ignatius Chapel has had multiple fires and rebuilds. People claim to have seen the priest’s ghost who died in the first fire, and there is no explanation for the second fire.

Source: Air Force Times



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