Police Hero Dislodges Lego From Choking Toddlers Throat

Riverhead Town Choking

Not being able to help your child when they need you the most is every parent’s worst nightmare. One Long Island man had it become a reality when his 23-month-old began choking on a LEGO while he was at his daycare facility.

A Call For Help

The Pine Tree Day Care had to call 911 because a little boy had put a LEGO piece in his mouth and was now choking on it. When the call came in, Riverhead Town Police Sergeant Jill Kubetz was about a minute away from the daycare and hurried over.

By the time she got to the daycare the little boy was already turning blue. She started thrusts on his back. The thrusts moved the LEGO a little bit out of his air way and he began to get a little bit of air.

In an interview with Kristin Thorne Kubetz said, “When I rotated the baby to see if it was food or what it could be, I saw those two LEGO dots.”

Swift Ambulance Arrival

An ambulance from Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps swiftly arrived at the daycare to provide Kubetz with assistance. Once they got into the ambulance paramedic Christine Klassert helped.

“I held the baby up in the air, parallel, and she was able to get underneath. Because we could see a portion of the LEGO at the back of the throat, and she used a tool to get in the back and was able to pull it out.”

Sergeant Jill Kubetz

According to WABC, then they boy was breathing and crying. Kubetz said, ” We all took turns smiling at the baby, and that was a great moment.”

A Thankful Father

The little boy’s dad picked him up from the Stony Brook University Hospital.

“Another 30 seconds or a minute, and it would have been a totally different story. My son is so lucky. He has his angels working overtime all the time,” the father who did not want to be named said.

He also said that he plans to give Kubetz a picture of the little boy to place on her dashboard as a reminder of her heroism. Kubetz has been with the police department for almost 20 years. However, this is the first time she had to save a choking victim.

“It was a good one. I definitely went home and hugged my children a little harder last night.”




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