The Devastating Bombing Campaign That Killed Over 40,000


The Blitzkrieg was a brutal assault from the German Luftwaffe. Germany unleashed the attack on London on September 7, 1940.

War Against the Nazi’s

The Blitzkrieg was not the German’s first attack. At the beginning of the summer, the Nazis hit Great Britain just after they had signed an armistice with France. After that, the British stood alone against the Germans.

Hitler sent his Luftwaffe with 190 bombers, hitting military targets. The British did not take the attack lying down, though. They fought back.

Germany dropped 5,300 tons of explosives on Great Britain that September. Then, for 57 straight nights, they continued to bomb the British, with no end in sight.

Even in May of 1941, Hitler kept bombing Great Britain. Over the course of the air raids, Germany killed 43,000 of the countries civilians.

Battle of Britain

The U.K was resiliant. The Royal Air Force stood against the Luftwaffe and dealt them a heavy blow, and Germany never recovered.

The battle stopped Hitler from controlling the English Channel and kept his troops out of the British isles.

When the Americans joined the battle, Britain was the base of operation for the Normandy invasion, which dealt a massive blow to Hitler.

The Battle of Britain left a lasting mark on the country, and its people are said to have a “Blitz Spirit.” Their incredible show of perseverance kept them free from being occupied by the Nazis.




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