Domestic Disturbance Leads To Residence Fire, Off Duty Firefighter Rushes In

Missouri House Fire

Even though a firefighter may be off-duty, they will jump into action if they see flames. One Missouri woman is alive today because of one firefighter’s bravery.

According to a Facebook post by the Central Crossing Fire Protection District, a fire broke out in a Shell Knob home. Policers officers had already been called out to the home for a domestic dispute incident.

House Fire

However, one of the residents of the home set it on fire. A Central Crossing volunteer firefighter happened to live nearby, and he used his neighbor’s ladder to save one of the home’s occupants.

The firefighter said he called the home’s owner to see if anyone was stuck inside. He said, “She informed me she was in the upstairs bedroom, and I got her to kick out the screen.”

He called in reinforcements from his brother-in-law. The fireman said, “Between the two of us, we were able to rescue her and get her down safely.”

All Occupants Safe

A sheriff’s deputy responding to the domestic disturbance call retrieved a man from inside the home. The man had severe burns and was taken to a Springfield hospital.

While the firefighter who rescued the woman chose to remain anonymous, he did say that he was happy he was home “because, with the heat and smile on the top floor, there’s no way she could’ve made it out.”

According to Central Crossing Fire Chief Rusty Rickard, “The house is in a pretty rural area of our district, so adding in the response times and having people close makes a big difference.”

Fire Suspect

Chief Rickard believes the man who was found inside the home was the one who started the blaze.

”Aide was provided to him as well, but he was flown by medical helicopter to a Springfield Hospital, and it’s my understanding he was sent to a burn unit,” Rickard said.

The blaze took 2 1/2 hours for the Central Crossing fire crews to put out, and the house had quite a bit of damage.

Unfortunately, the rear of the home took the brunt of the damage with a mix of fire and water damage. However, Rickard does not think that the home will be a total loss.

Thankfully, the firefighters quick thinking saved the life of the homeowner.

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