WWII Kamikaze Pilots Over The Pacific Struck Fear In US And Allied Troops

WWII Kamikaze

Kamikaze pilots were feared by the allied troops during World War II because they had no fear themselves. All they had was a mission to sink their planes into U.S. ships.

First Kamikaze

The initial kamikaze was seen in the Battle of the Leyte Gulf in the Phillippines. A mission was planned, and the “Special Attack Corps” volunteers were given a paper.

They were to choose one of three options: volunteer out of desire, volunteer for the sake of volunteering, or bow out. On April 6, 1944, Nacy vessels in the Pacific were full of Marines and sailors following their normal daily routine, but they all knew something big was coming.

The Japanese gathered on an island close by with their pilots and every plane they had available. The Kamikaze pilots weren’t the most experienced, but they loved the Empire.

Attacking the Allied Ships

They were armed, loaded, and sent off toward the American ships. Once they reached their targets, the air attack was one of historic proportions. In two days, more than 350 Japanese planes rained down pure chaos on the allied ships.

While the enemy planes were certainly ambitious, the American troops pulled all the punches in an effort to defend their position. Up went the trained fighter pilots and the ship gunners in defense against the enemy planes.

Around Okinawa, the Japanese kamikaze suicide pilots crashed 1,900 planes. In their synchronized attack, they sunk 126 ships and damaged 64.

Even though there was heavy destruction, the attacks only proved to be motivating for the allied forces. On the contrary, it solidified why they were still fighting and renewed their desire to defeat the Japanese.

Of course, it was a goal that they would eventually achieve in the not-so-distant future.

Take a look at the rare footage from the Smithsonian Channel of kamikaze planes diving into U.S. ships.

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