NYPD Attempts To Stop Vaccine Mandate, Judge Steps In

NYPD Vaccine

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s COVID vaccine mandate requires that all city workers get the vaccination or be put on unpaid leave. The Police Benevolent Association tried to stop the mandate from going into effect, but the judge ruled against them.

Vaccination or Unpaid Leave

Richmond County Supreme Court Judge Lizette Colon ruled on Oct. 27 that de Blasio’s mandate was, in fact, legal, and those who did not get the shot can be put on unpaid leave. City employees had until 5 p.m. on Friday to get at least their first dose of the vaccine.

According to WABC, New York City has about 160,500 employees. Colon did not feel like the current procedure for regularly testing was enough.

Employees who are not vaccinated were to work their weekend shifts but could not report for duty on Monday morning, according to New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.

“On Monday, when this thing starts being enforced, and if you’re not vaccinated, no pay and you won’t be able to work. I don’t think anyone wants that to happen…We need you out there. Please take advantage of the next few days and get vaccinated.”

Commissiner Dermot Shea

In a city facing rising crime rates and lower numbers of officers, the last thing they need is 22 percent of their workforce on leave. But with the mandate in place, that is exactly what will happen unless they all decided to get vaccinated over the weekend.

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