NYPD Oversight Committee Wants To Take Away Vacation Days From Police Officers


The New York Police Department Civilian Complaint Review Board has been investigating accusations against the department’s officers regarding their conduct during the George Floyd riots. The review board ruled that 65 of the officers will be disciplined for their actions.

Final Ruling

According to WPIX, 37 officers face the highest level of discipline, which means they could lose the vacation days they earned, face suspension, or be terminated. Another 28 officers will face a lesser punishment, either losing vacation days or taking additional training.

A third of the complaints were unable to be properly investigated according to the CCRB, so they cannot dole out any more of their punishments. The biggest part of the complaint was that the “protests” were treated like “riots,” and the officers were “unprepared to handle the massive, angry mobs.”

In these “demonstrations” and “riots” that mostly took place in May and June 2020, more than 2,000 people were arrested, according to The New York Times. However, the NY City Department of Investigation feels that officers could have done more to find “an appropriate balance” with public safety and civil rights.

Of course, the Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch disagrees with both findings and feels that the buck was passed to the officers while the politicians did nothing while judging from a distance. Lynch also pointed out that “nearly 40 officers were injures-struck with bricks, bottles, fire extinguishers, and folding chairs- because of the mixed messages emanating from City Hall and Albany. No amount of new training or strategizing will help while politicians continue to undermine police officers and embolden those who create chaos on our streets.”

Even de Blasio admits that he should have “done better.” However, going along with a report and ruling that heavily points the finger in one direction is not doing better, especially when it comes to taking away earned and well-deserved vacation time from the officers.




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