Police And Firefighters Display Stunning Bravery While Under Fire From Boston Marathon Bombers

Boston Bombing

The Boston Marathon bombing was a tragic moment for the nation. Bombers quickly reduced a happy, inclusive event to a horrific and chaotic scene. Authorities worked to catch the suspects.

Finding the Bombers

Sergeant John MacLellan and Officer Joseph Reynolds were patrolling on April 19, 2013, and saw a vehicle involved in a carjacking. They did not know that the car’s occupants were the suspected Boston Marathon bombers, who had killed an M.I.T. officer the day before.

Immediately, the occupants of the car fired at the officers. Rounds shattered the windshield, scattering glass in Sergeant MacLellan’s face.

He exited the vehicle but let it continue to roll forward for cover from the suspects’ bullets. The suspects were armed with heavy weaponry and explosive devices.

Arresting the Suspects

Officers Colon and Menton came to assist. As they pulled up, a suspect ran toward them.

With the help of Maclellan and Reynolds, Sergeant Pugliese was able to subdue the suspect. However, the other hopped back into the vehicle and drove straight for them.

Officers jumped to get out of the way. They were not injured by the car, but the suspect driving ran over the other suspect. He ended up dragging his body behind the car.

Injured Officer

Officer Menton went to aid a Transit Police officer who had been shot during the firefight. The officer was severely injured and was suffering from heavy blood loss.

Menton tried to apply pressure to the wound while radioing for help. Firefighters James Caruso and Patrick Mention with the Watertown Fire Department responded to the scene in an ambulance.

The street was hazardous, with unexploded devices scattered along the road. The two firefighters made their way through the treacherous terrain to the injured officer.

The officer was unconscious at this point with no pulse. They all piled into the ambulance with Officer Menton driving while Caruso and Menton worked on the injured officer on the way to the hospital.

Heroic Efforts

The firefight went on for another eight minutes as reinforcements arrived. Five bombs were set off, and many rounds were fired. It was a scary scene for all who were involved.

The injured officer’s life was saved, and the suspect was caught 20 hours after. The five officers, Menton, Caruso, Pugliese, Reynolds, and MacLellan, plus the two firefighters, Caruso and Menton, were all given the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor heroism.

Source: BJA




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