Washington State Reverses “Police Reform” Bill That Negatively Affected Law Enforcement

Back the blue

Despite outspoken support from anti-Police activists, woke pandering in the form of defunding the Police and removing critical law enforcement tools does great harm to law and order.

Surprising news, right? Believe me, we are as shocked as you are…

Washington Governor Jay Inslee finally came to reason and signed a bill that reverses many harmful “Police reform” laws signed into existence in response to anti-Police activists last summer.

This reversal includes once-again allowing Police to use force when stopping suspects from fleeing. Also, Washington Police Officers are allowed to use force when attempting to make an arrest.

Once serious issue with the previously passed legislation is that it prevented Police from defending themselves with lethal force unless they were being actively attacked. The newly signed bill reverses this incredibly stupid rule, once again allowing officers to defend themselves when immediate threat is perceived.

While this is a good move for law enforcement in Washington, the fact remains that Police across America are still being persecuted and even killed at higher rates than ever before.

We hope that other anti-Police legislation around the country will be reversed and soon.

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