Biden Commits To Funding The Police, BLM Activists Outraged


The Biden administration is not known for it’s love and support of Law Enforcement. In fact, this administration has actively sowed distrust towards the men and women in blue.

Barely a month ago Biden was poised to sign into law an executive order that would limit access to nonlethal tools, cut back lifesaving resources, and restrict access to federal grants. This harmful executive order may still be enacted.

But, Biden has realized his anti-cop attitude is hurting him in the polls. In a feeble attempt at repairing the damage, Biden is about to ask Congress for more than $32 billion in new spending against crime. In short, he is re-funding the Police.

As expected, anti-Police activists are outraged, releasing statements blasting Biden and Law Enforcement, making the usual baseless accusations against Policing in America.

Unfortunately, the damage of anti-Police rhetoric has already been done. This too-little-too-late scramble to fund the Police won’t bring back Officers who’ve died in the line of duty due to emboldened criminals. It won’t convince the Officers who’ve left Policing to come back and bear the hate of their communities. It won’t fix the divide in our communities created by poisonous anti-cop activism.

It’s too little too late. It’s the typical virtue signaling of politicians in office who fail to lead and support American heroes. Only time will tell if the Police community can heal and overcome the hate. But there will always be a scar that runs deep between these leftist politicians and those who back the blue.

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