Seattle Police Department Severely Understaffed. Unable To Investigate Sexual Assault Cases

Seattle Police

Anti-Police sentiment in Seattle has reached the point we always knew it would. Police Officers have left the department in droves and even more are on long term leave, many are looking for employment elsewhere.

The situation has gotten so bad that not a single sexual assault of an adult in the month of March has been investigated.

It gets worse… thanks to COVID lockdowns, child abuse has risen aggressively in the city. Now that kids are finally getting back to school, the number of child abuse reports have skyrocketed but the Police Department is not able to keep up.

“So far this year, only 1.6 percent of cases that were investigated by the sexual assault and child abuse unit resulted in an arrest… That’s down from 14 percent of cases investigated leading to apprehensions in 2019. Not a single adult sexual assault case was assigned to a detective in March… The Seattle Police Department sexual assault unit is not at all investigating adult sexual assault reports or cases unless there was an arrest”

Police Tribune

About 7% of the force has left the department since 2019 and the nation-wide rioting. Another 16% are out on long term leave. But the crisis runs deeper: how many quality candidates are applying elsewhere due to the anti-Police sentiment? Andrew Lincowski was once such candidate who was returning to Law Enforcement but decided against applying in Seattle and was hired in Casper, Wyoming instead:

“People want to come here from Seattle or Portland or Illinois or wherever, all these places I wouldn’t work in. You couldn’t pay me enough to go work in some of those places, the anti-police sentiment, the rioters … I want to live somewhere where I’m not worried about that stuff being really bad.”

Change Washington

Apparently Casper, Wyoming “has a growing cohort of police officers who came here specifically for a place where they feel their job is respected.”

If Seattle was not such a poisonous place for Police to work, more officers like Lincowski may have chosen to work there. But because of the radical anti-Police sentiment, good candidates are going elsewhere.

It’s costing the city dearly. Violent sexual predators and abusers of children are getting away with horrific crimes and they will likely re-offend.

Seattle must serve as a harsh lesson to radical anti-Police cities across America: People will suffer if Police are not supported and funded.

Of course, to an sane person this is no surprise. But to those who stubbornly cling to their radical ideology, blood is on their hands.

What do you think, is there hope for cities like Seattle? How can they turn these sickening trends around? Let us know in the comments below.




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