War On Police Continues Despite Weak Attempts At Re-Funding, The Damage Is Done


The anti-Police movement has been one of the most outrageous farces in American history. The asinine push to remove billions of dollars from Law Enforcement appalled anyone with a lick of sense.

But they did it anyways… They slashed Police funding to the bone. They spit in the face of those who serve and protect. They emboldened criminals because there were no longer consequences for the most heinous crimes.

As a result, violent crime has skyrocketed across America and innocent people are dying.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. The sickening anti-Police messaging has resulted in a wave of targeted violence against Police Officers:

Two years ago Law Enforcement was considered the scourge of the earth. Now, as nearly every major city is seeing these drastic spikes in crime, the same woke mob is calling for Police to “do their jobs”.

Philadelphia is a prime example of this double standard. In 2019 the city Police budget was cut by tens of millions. Since then there has been a 60% increase in homicides. In the last four days alone, over 60 people have been shot.

Now the city of Philadelphia has proposed an increase of almost $24 million to the Police. However, thanks to the hatred towards the profession they are struggling to recruit.

Of course, the prospective candidates cannot be blamed for deciding on employment elsewhere. Why put their lives on the line when city leadership is more interested in prosecuting Officers for doing their job than actual violent criminals.

While it’s good news to see cities finally waking up and realizing that you cannot maintain law and order without a well funded Police Department, it will likely take decades to undo the damage that has been done.

What do you think, is this all too little too late? Can the leftist, anti-Police cities come back from the brink? What is the right way forward?

Let us know in the comments below.




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