Police Detain 8 Year Old For Stealing And Take Him Straight Home, Community Outraged

NYPD detains child

Policing was once considered a necessary part of a civilized society. Unfortunately today, America is in a dark place concerning Law and Order.

On the one hand, there are those who back the blue and trust the system. This group understands that there are examples of Police overreach, but for the most part Police Officers are well intentioned people doing the best they can.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the very institution of Policing is somehow racist and flawed to it’s core. This group has been deeply misled and seek to burn the system to the ground in the name of progress.

This is how situations arise where bystanders are horrified when Police detain a kid. It doesn’t matter that the kid stole something, or that the Officers intend to immediately involve the parents. All that matters is that Police Officers dare treat a child as a criminal.

Unfortunately, this mindset will only teach children to adopt a victim mindset. Instead of learning a valuable albeit frightening lesson not to steal things, they will be taught that they are somehow the victim.

This was on clear display in Syracuse, New York last week when Police Officers were confronted by a bystander while detaining an 8-year-old thief.

The Officers did not handcuff the boy or rough him up, they merely marched him to their patrol vehicle and buckled him in.

But the bystander, Kenneth Jackson, saw things differently: “He stole a bag of chips so y’all treat him like a cold-blooded killer.”

The Officers involved engaged with Jackson, telling him that he did not know what he was talking about and that he should keep moving along.

The boy’s father was immediately notified and returned home to take custody of his son. He said the officers were friendly, didn’t press charges, or make him pay for the stolen chips.

After speaking to the press, the boy’s father saw the body cam footage released by the department and sung a different tune: “Why would the police treat that child like that? Over a $3 bag of chips?” Unfortunately, it appears that the father was influenced by anti-Police activism and outrage on social media when the body cam footage was released.

Since the incident has gained notoriety online, the kid has allegedly been involved in criminal activity before and the Officers knew him.

Take a look at the footage for yourself, though be warned it contains fowl language:

What do you think, were the Officers excessive in their decision to detain the child and take him home? Was the bystander overly aggressive in his assumption that the Police were wrong? Would you be angry if your child stole something and was treated this way?

Let us know in the comments below.




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