Deputy Sheriff Scales Burning Building To Save One Year Old Baby

Orange County Sheriffs Deputy Saves Baby

FLORIDA – An Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy scaled a burning building to enter the third floor and rescue a 1-year-old baby girl.

Before climbing the building, the Officer removed his bulletproof vest with body camera, which was still able to capture his heroics:

It all went down on Saturday, April 23 when First Responders arrived to a fully involved apartment building. Multiple people were climbing down the balconies in desperate attempts to escape the flames.

That’s when one of the First Responders heard a baby screaming. Deputy William Puzynski didn’t hesitate, he leaped into action:

“When I got here, we saw the building fully engulfed. It was chaos everywhere. And then I saw on the third balcony there’s a 1-year-old baby that the mom was trying to get over. At that moment I knew I had to save the baby. And then I just climbed up to the third, grabbed the baby and then again I handed the baby down to my partners and they helped me down.”

Deputy William Puzynski

Seven other people were trapped in the devastating fire. Fortunately, the Fire Department was able to rescue all of them safely.

Officers like this deserve a raise and under Governor DeSantis, they are getting just that. All Officers who relocate to Florida will get a substantial cash bonus, plus all Law Enforcement Officers are receiving a $50k base pay raise.

Governor DeSantis also signed into law a bunch of benefits for Law Enforcement making Florida one of the most Police friendly states in the Union.

Let us know what you think of both Deputy Puzynski’s incredible heroism and Florida’s pro-Police stance in the comments below!




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