Police Officer Struck By Gunfire, Refuses To Surrender

Many officers work jobs on their days off. Detective Jared Reston was off-duty at the Regency SquareMall and was notified about two shoplifters.

One already was in custody. The other fled on foot. Reston went after the suspect who fled and caught up with him. When Resten reached the suspect, the suspect drew a Glock .45 pistol and shot Reston multiple times.

Even though he was wounded, Reston was able to shoot the suspect from the ground where he lay. He hit the suspect multiple times, and the pursuit was over.

Reston’s Injuries

One of the bullets from the suspects Glock hit Reston in the jaw. However, three bullets were fired at him point-blank.

Thankfully, he was wearing an Xtreme XT vest. The vest stopped those bullets, and Reston was able to fire back at the suspect.

The American Body Armor Xtreme XT vest saved his life. The BAE Systems Products Group, which owns ABA, inducted Reston into their Legion of Life. In addition, Reston was given the Public Safety Medal of Honor.

Legion of Life

The 29-year-old officer joined the ranks of others in law enforcement across the nation whose lives were saved by these bulletproof vests. The company has given out more than 500 vests to officers whose lives were saved in the line of duty, and they needed a replacement.

“The Legion of Life program reflects our goal of protecting those who protect us. We’re proud to work with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and we’re extremely happy that we’re able to be here today to recognize Jared Reston, his courage, and his dedication,” said John Geshay, Director of Body Armor Marketing for BAE Systems Products Group.

In the ceremony, Reston was given a new ABA vest and a Legion of Life Medal. His name was added to their Legion of Life Board, and the company made a donation to the National Law Enforcement Fund in his name.

“I’m so thankful to be here today and be able to thank everyone who had a hand in making that vest. I can truly say that if it wasn’t for those at American Body Armor, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be here and celebrate with my friends and fellow officers.”

Detective Reston


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