U.S. Air Force Demonstrates Air Power With A-10 Elephant Walk


Warfield Air National Guard Base put on an impressive display of 16 A-10C Thunderbolt II planes. The 104th Fighter Squadron assembled in formation for what is known as an ‘elephant walk.’

Long Standing Tradition

The tradition goes back to World War II, where massive numbers of bombers would take off on missions in Europe, but the 104th would always show how capable their pilots were.

It allowed them to show that the Maryland Air National Guard could be ready to go at the drop of a hat. Brig, Gen. Paul Johnson, commander of the 175th Wing, said, “Our ability to generate combat airpower at a moment’s notice helps promote regional stability because we can immediately respond to any threat.”

The A-10 is often referred to as the Warthog and has an incredible past filled with destroying enemy tanks and coming to the aid of ground troops. Often, only a couple of Warthogs are needed to successfully accomplish a mission.

Col. Richard Hunt said, “Seeing our entire fleet on the runway, it’s just an awesome display of combat power. Our maintainers are some of the best in the Air Force, and this is concrete proof of our ability to bring the full force of our airpower to bear whenever it is needed.”

The photoshoot highlighted the sheer, impressive amount of power that comes with this magnificent plane. Plus, the group was led by the commemorative aircraft with a green and yellow paint job for the guard’s 100th anniversary that stood in sharp contrast to the typical grey planes.




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