Citizen Heroes Leap Into Action After California Highway Patrol Officer Shot

Good Samaritans Save CHP Officer

Being a Law Enforcement Officer can be incredibly dangerous. Many Officers die each year, often because there just isn’t enough backup and they have to go into deadly situations alone.

This wasn’t the case for a California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer, though the backup wasn’t from other Officers. It was from a brave group of citizen heroes willing to jump in and help an Officer in distress.

CHP Officer Antonio Pacheco stopped to assist in a single vehicle accident. Without warning, the driver attacked Pacheco and tried to take his weapon. Unfortunately, when a suspect tries to take an Officers weapon, they are willing to do just about anything and must be stopped.

In the struggle for the weapon, the handgun went off and the bullet struck Officer Pacheco in the leg. Several good samaritans passing by leapt in to help. Two men restrained the suspect while others rendered aid to the wounded Officer:

Fortunately, thanks to the quick thinking of these citizen heroes, Officer Pacheco is expected to make a full recovery. Also, the suspect was not able to get the gun away from the CHP Officer and commit any further atrocities.

Without the quick thinking of these good Samaritans, Officer Pacheco and possibly other innocents would not be alive today.

What do you think, would you have the courage to jump in and help an Officer in distress? What would you do in a situation like this? As always, let us know in the comments below.




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