Military Doctrine At The Core Of Russia’s Struggle In Ukraine

Putins Failure

Russia has been on everyone’s minds and in the news for the last couple of years. But with their invasion of Ukraine, the country is all that is talked about. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is why the superpower hasn’t completely taken over Ukraine. They took over Kyiv at a quick pace but seem to be failing as a whole.

Strategic Errors

While their failure is a good thing, it is a bit of a strategic conundrum. Russia’s military is larger, stronger, and more advanced than Ukraine’s, but they have yet to achieve a victory.

Russia claims its military was just as fierce as the U.S. military. Now we are finding that is not the case. Their military has not performed at the same level of precision as the U.S. military.

In fact, they have not been able to hit any of the targets they have set for themselves. On top of that, between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian troops have been killed in action, with almost triple wounded.

Around 1,600 of their vehicles have been abandoned, destroyed, or captured. Though, Ukraine is asserting that it’s at least double that. Units at the front lack supplies like fuel, food, and ammunition. Russia asserts that their new plan was part of their strategy all along.

However, they are now focusing on Eastern Ukraine. In other areas of the country, their forward movement has been slowed by a combination of logistical problems and a formidable defense by Ukraine.

News To Everyone

Putin seems to be just as perplexed at their strategic problems. According to some reports, the Kremlin seems to be getting rid of military and intelligence professionals left and right in response.

Russia is outsourcing its manpower to gain some ground using Chechen fighters and Wagner Group mercenaries. They are also recruiting in Syria, pulling in 16,000 pro-Assad Syrians who are poised to deploy to Ukraine.

Putin has a very weak NCO Corps, which is one reason why they are not doing well in Ukraine. In contrast, the United States had a very strong NCO corps.

Their low-end officers are also weak, which can be another source of their overall failure. The U.S., once again, is the opposite, with a lot of the strength in the lower-end positions.

While there are many reasons why the Russians are failing, it all rests with Putin and the Kremlin.




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