Border Patrol Dogs Have Helped Capture Enough Fentanyl To Kill Millions Of People

Border Patrol Dogs Capture Fentanyl

Drug dogs are vital to Border Patrol operations. They are trained to sniff out substances so they do not make it over the border and into the U.S. These pups and their handlers keep the drugs off the streets, which keeps people safe and halts some of the money heading to dealers and their organizations.

Seizing Drugs

It’s incredible just how much a dog and his handler can seize in a week. In fact, a US Border Patrol handler and dog team were able to prevent 97 pounds of fentanyl from crossing over the border in Arizona.

Three packages of fentanyl weighing 12 pounds were found by a drug-sniffing dog and seized at the Nogales Station. Even small seizures are important because the drug is so deadly. The 12 pounds is enough to kill 2.7 million people. The Chief Patrol Agent, John R. Modlin tweeted,  “Just 2 milligrams of fentanyl can be lethal!”

The same dog and handler team found 85 pounds hidden in food a week prior. According to customs and border patrol officials, 5,300 pounds have been seized in the 2022 fiscal year as of March.

Another Discovery

A couple of days after the April 19 discovery, the Ajo Station drug-sniffing dog discovered 102 pounds of methamphetamine. So far, 88,000 pounds of the drug have been seized in the current fiscal year.

The dangerous drug has been tied to the deaths of over 100,000 U.S. citizens. The drug is far more potent than morphine, prescription drugs, and heroin. Often, users are not even going for the fentanyl specifically. It is mixed with other drugs, sometimes without the user’s knowledge, which is how many overdoses happen.

Border Patrol and Customs have a large operation to cut down on the amount of these drugs filtering into the U.S. The highly trained dogs may just be a part of the teams. They’re highly effective at finding hidden drugs and a vital partner to their handlers.




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