Rookie Police Officers Attempt To Save Choking Infant

Police Save Choking Infant

Few things are more frightening than watching an infant struggling to breathe. The helplessness and fear often lead to panic, which tends to make the situation worse.

A mother in Springfield Massachusetts experienced this terrifying situation on May 9 when her 3-month-old daughter began choking in her car seat. The mother frantically pulled over.

Fortunately, two Police Officers were on patrol and witnessed the frantic mother screaming for help. The Officers immediately leapt into action. Officer Christopher Charles rushed to grab the child out of her car seat while Officer Luis Rodriguez jumped on the radio to request an ambulance.

Bodycam footage shows Officer Charles holding the baby facedown and patting her back in an attempt to clear the airway:

The Officers and mother breathed a sigh of relief once the baby began breathing normally. The infant was taken to a nearby hospital where she was medically cleared and released later that day.

Officer Christopher Charles and Luis Rodriguez graduated from the academy a little over a month before this terrifying incident. Thankfully, the training they received allowed them to react appropriately and save the baby’s life.

Unfortunately, the anti-Police movement will not recognize the importance of these Officers or that Police in fact save hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives each year. WE may never know just how many, but the fact remains that the men and women and blue are the reason that many are alive and breathing today.

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