San Francisco Continues Anti-Police Agenda Despite Skyrocketing Crime Rates

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The Law Enforcement toolbelt is rapidly shrinking in anti-Police cities. Unfortunately, crime is skyrocketing in direct correlation to the woke policies.

Not to be outdone by radical policies across the country, San Francisco is adopting the latest madness by seeking to ban routine traffic stops. Apparently, pretextual stops are racist tactics used by Police Officers out hunting minorities.

“San Francisco police officers would be prohibited from stopping drivers for tinted windows, expired license plates, broken taillights and other low-level violations, in order to curb supposedly racially biased policing.”

Law Enforcement Today

The pretextual stop is a critical tool in the Law Enforcement toolbelt. In fact, it has helped officers get illegal weapons and substances off the street, not to mention facilitating the capture of terrorists and serial killers. But, activists fail to look at the actual statistics and instead focus on the fact that these stops lead to the disproportionate arrests of minorities.

The drafted proposal, vehemently opposed by the San Francisco Police Union, is a dangerous policy that will result in the death of innocents.

“The reality is routine traffic stops can lead to removing illegal guns off of our streets and given the level of gun violence our city is experiencing; these traffic stops literally save lives,… If the new policy prohibits our officers from enforcing traffic laws, more guns will be in the hands of criminals and there will be more pedestrian and bicycle riders injured.”

Tracy McCray, acting president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association

Its time that city leadership stop caving to woke activists and actually consider the data. Innocent people will continue to die because of radical, anti-science policies like this one.

What do you think, will these cities ever wake up and demand law and order? Is it too late to repair the damage? Let us know in the comments below.




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