Congressman Pushes Mandatory Ridealongs For U.S. Lawmakers

Defunding Police

Many U.S. lawmakers are wildly out of touch what it’s like to be an average America, let alone what it takes to serve in the Military or as a First Responder. One such lawmaker hopes to give his peers a new appreciation for Police work by mandating annual ridealongs for every member of the U.S. Congress.

U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Georgia) has introduced a resolution to make this law.

“Having the opportunity to witness first-hand the challenges that law enforcement encounters every day is a vital step toward bridging the divide between supporters of those in the blue uniform and the ‘Defund the Police’ movement,”

U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson

Rep. Johnson’s intent is certainly a good one. However, it assumes that fellow lawmakers are anti-Police out of ignorance. Unfortunately, this is likely not the case. These politicians know how important Law Enforcement is to a civil society.

In fact, they openly call for more Police to protect the capital and other places where they work. Each of these lawmakers is protected by a taxpayer funded Police or private security detail. They know how important the Police are. They just have an agenda that requires the breaking down of local Law Enforcement agencies around the country.

What is this agenda? Without delving into conspiracy theories, it’s hard to know. Some believe that their goal is to set up a Federal Police Department to take over once local agencies are no longer able to control the chaos. Others believe the chaos is intended to tear America down so that a new order can be established.

Whatever the reason, this bill would likely not convince leftist lawmakers to abandon their radical stance. However, we applaud Rep. Johnson for attempting to make a difference.

What do you think, does the left have an agenda wrapped up in the anti-Police rhetoric? Do they really think that removing support for Law Enforcement is a good thing, or is it a move to tear the system down? Let us know in the comments below.




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