Meet The Badass Female Sailor Who Lead Mission To Rescue Almost 1000 People In Afghanistan

Kristen Trindle

Kristin Trindle began working for Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton six years ago as an intern. Now, she is his deputy national security advisor. Trindle is a graduate of Princeton and a Navy Reservist. When evacuations took place in Afghanistan in 2021, she took a leave of absence to deploy.

Time At Kabul Airport

Trindle went to Kabul, where she was the aide-de-camp at Hamid Karzai International Airport to the general leading the evacuation. Their mission was to get as many Americans and Afghan allies out of the country as the Taliban took over.

Senator Cotton spoke about Trindles time in Kabul on the Senate floor.

“For weeks, she was everywhere at once, creating on-the-fly methods to screen evacuees, coordinating evacuation efforts with counterparts from four countries—even helping orphans in the chaos of Kabul airport,”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR)

Trindle also voluntarily led a secret mission in the city. She and her team were looking for Americans and Allies who could not get through the Taliban’s checkpoints.

Clandestine Mission

Senator Cotton said, “These dangerous rescue missions often required Lt. Trindle to go outside the wire to rescue highly vulnerable evacuees. She executed these missions in the dead of night, despite confirmed threats, within sight of the enemy.”

“Armed Taliban fighters were regularly within 100 yards of her position, beating and whipping civilians—and menacing Americans. Lt. Trindle was unphased by this danger. She carried on with the mission.”

Senator Cotton

In the evacuation, Trindle and her team were able to get 961 Americans and Afghan allies out of the country. Cotton pointed out that many of the rescuees were children, injured civilians, pregnant women, Afghan military generals, helicopter pilots, translators, and an Afghan Supreme Court Justice.

For her bravery, Sen. Cotton presented her with the Bronze Star. Sen. Cotton said, “As the official account of Lt. Trindle’s action notes, she ‘achieved 100% mission success in the face of unparalleled chaos.'”

Cotton also pointed out that the chaos was met with “unparalleled courage” from Trindle. “She deserves every bit of this high honor—and she deserves her country’s sincere gratitude.”




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