Anti-Police Activists, State Government Force Family Of Slain Officer To Remove Thin Blue Line Flag From Memorial

Officer Fahey

Cleveland Police Officer David Fahey, Jr. was slain on Jan 24, 2017 while laying out traffic flares. He was struck by car while assisting with a fatal collision between a fire engine and passenger van. The driver never stopped after killing Officer Fahey, but was later arrested and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Officer Fahey was a 39 year old Navy Vet and had only served two and a half years as a Police Officer when he was killed.

David Fahey grew up in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood, graduated from St. Edward High School served in United States Navy, earned his Emergency Medical Technician certification before being appointed to the Cleveland Police Department on July 7, 2014. He followed in the footsteps of his mother and step-father, Jackie and Mark Ketterer, brother Christopher Porter, and cousin Barry Bentley. David was issued badge number 2453, which had previously been worn by his step-father when he was a patrol officer.

The Cleveland Police Museum

As he was beloved by many, there have been annual memorial events in Officer Fahey’s honor. On one such occasion, the family hung a Thin Blue Line flag beneath a Memorial erected on the highway by Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT).

However, not long after, local news outlets reportedly complained to ODOT. The family of Officer Fahey were ordered to take the flag down, which they did. After a few months an anonymous supporter of Fahey and his family hung a new Thin Blue Line flag on the memorial. ODOT immediately reached out to the family and demanded that it be removed.

Officer Fahey’s mother is especially outraged over the issue, claiming that she feels targeted by anti-Police activists.

“It is personal because if you drive along the highways, you see your political signs, you’ll see your other special interest signs that are up along the highway. Those are still there,… The loss of a child is devastating and unless you’ve been in my shoes – and there are plenty of people who have – you’ll never understand”

Jackie Ketterer, Officer Fahey’s Mother

Of course, Ketterer is correct. The Thin Blue Line flag represents the commitment of men and women in Law Enforcement to stand between criminals and law-abiding citizens. This commitment stretches so far as to lay their lives down for anyone in the community.

This type of commitment should be honored and the sacrifice of Officer Fahey celebrated. But the Ohio Department of Transportation and the anti-Police activists should be ashamed of themselves.

Let us know what you think of this tragic disrespect in the comments below.




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