Elite U.S. Air Force Commandos Leap Into Action After Witnessing Horrifying Accident

125th Special Tactics Airmen Save Motorcycle Riders

Few vehicle accidents are more deadly than those involving a motorcycle. This is not surprising, considering there’s nothing between the rider and the road but a few feet of empty space. Not to mention, riders are not held in place by any kind of safety harness and typically slide or tumble on rough surfaces before everything is over.

When a motorcycle accident does occur, the rider(s) are usually in pretty rough shape. In more severe accidents where there are survivors, medics have a short time window to get in and render aid.

Fortunately for two riders in Idaho last month, elite combat medics were on hand when they were stuck from behind at a high rate of speed. Both riders were severely injured and at least one certainly wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for a bunch of off-duty Air Force Pararescue and Combat Controllers who witnessed the accident and leapt into action.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, and the ICU confirmed it, one of the patients would have died on scene had it not been for [the 125th Special Tactics Squadron airmen], and the other patient could have easily died from shock,”

Maj. Alex Nell

After watching the horrifying accident unfold in front of them, the airmen wasted little time. Some set up a roadblock while the experienced medics immediately began to render aid.

“If I was ever in a situation with that bad of trauma, those are the guys I want working on me,… Our guys went straight to work, it’s like second nature. You have over a combined century’s worth of combat experience with the medics that we had on the ground.”

Master Sgt. Stephen Studenny

This is another shining example of why we stand with those who stand for others. Without them, the world would be chaos. Many people are alive today because men and women of strong character stepped up and took an oath to defend and protect the innocent.

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