Officer Slain By Former Cop While Trying To Save Multiple Children

Officer Kennis Croom

Despite what anti-Police activists would have us think, the vast majority of Law Enforcement Officers would give their lives to save others. Not to mention, no one hates a bad cop more than good cops. Typically, bad cops are rooted out by their peers long before they cause damage to the community and department.

In this tragic story, the suspect is a former cop who was fired after only a few months on the job. This is an example of the low tolerance modern Law Enforcement has for corrupt Officers.

Thursday night, the former cop turned murderer shot and killed his pregnant fiancé. The suspect allegedly turned his attention to killing four other children in the home when Officer Kennis Croom arrived on scene. A short gunfight broke out and the suspect fled.

Officer Croom was killed in the fight, but his sacrifice forced the gunman to leave the children to make his getaway. The children were not harmed in the incident and are now being cared for by family members.

Officer Croom’s selfless sacrifice occurred on his day off. He had volunteered to serve that night and because he did, four children are alive who might not otherwise have survived.

This tragedy highlights the difference between a bad cop who was fired long before he used his power for evil, and a Police Officer who sacrificed everything that others may live. The anti-Police movement would do well to remember that we need to support the good ones before they decide to choose a different career path. Otherwise, we may someday live in a world where there are no more Officers like Kennis Croom.

Rest in peace hero, thank you for your service.




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