Russia Blasting Ukraine With Over 60,000 Artillery Shells And Rockets Per Day, Targeting Neighborhoods

Russian Artillery Hammering Ukraine

Since the previous Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine in 2014, the Russian military has favored artillery strikes as its main form of attack. Fast forward to the current invasion, they are not utilizing just a few cannons or rocket launchers. Russian artillery batteries are pounding Ukrainian positions with over 60,000 shells and rockets per day.

Clearly the goal is to obliterate everything in front of them, leaving nothing standing. Sadly, this brutal strategy has resulted in tens of thousands of civilian casualties and has displaced millions.

This haphazard yet devastating bombardment has taken it’s toll on Ukrainian defenders. Many have been forced to retreat or surrender while many more have been slaughtered. With each day that passes, the Russian artillery gets closer and closer to their ultimate goal: taking complete control of the Donbas region.

Unfortunately, the international community seems to be helpless to stop the brutal attacks. Russia, it seems, has barely felt the heavy sanctions and arms embargoes. The only thing that seems to be working is the resolve of the Ukrainian people and their military.

Despite overwhelming odds they stand and face the Russian onslaught, determined to fight back and defend their homeland.

Check out this video with an update on the current situation in Ukraine:

As always, it’s important to note that the Ukrainian government itself is a corrupt body that deprives the Ukrainian people of their God given freedoms. But the Russian invasion is to be condemned fully.

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