America’s Skyrocketing Gas Prices Forcing Reduction Of Emergency Services

Thin Line between order and chaos

In the face of America’s skyrocketing gas prices, Police Departments are being forced to reduce patrols. This is a direct result of the increased cost of fuel, which has put a strain on almost everyone’s budget.

Police operations rely heavily on vehicles and with gas prices nearly $2 per gallon higher than just one year ago, many departments are having to make tough decisions.

Unfortunately, some departments are reducing patrols which means there will be fewer officers on the streets. This will likely lead to an increase in crime in a country already reeling from record high crime rates.

Law Enforcement departments aren’t the only public safety agencies reducing operation in the face of gas prices. Fire departments, emergency medical services, and other critical departments are all feeling the pinch.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration seems to be living in a completely different reality from everyday Americans, claiming that the country is experiencing an “economic boom”.

While it’s unlikely that the current administration can flip a switch and magically fix the surging gasoline prices, rapid inflation, and other economic woes. However, they are making a lot of bad decisions that are only going to make things worse.

Either way, another surge in crime plus the reduction of other emergency services is likely to make people even more unhappy with Joe Biden.

What do you think, what can the current administration do to make things better? Is it their fault we are experiencing the most painful “economic boom” of recent decades? Let us know in the comments below.




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