Inmate Tries To Strangle Deputy, Unlikely Rescuers Rush To Her Aid

Deputy Attacked

It’s not every day that we write an article about those who’ve been nabbed by the Thin Blue Line. But sometimes, it’s worth recognizing people, even criminals, when they do the right thing. This is especially true when it concerns one of the groups we do cover: The Thin Gray Line.

In a coordinated attack an inmate at the Hillsborough County, Florida jail threw a twisted pillowcase around the neck of Deputy Lillian Jimenez. Other inmates were standing by to pile in on the Officer in distress.

However, one thing the attackers didn’t consider is that some of the women in facility were not interested in standing by while a guard was murdered. Several female inmates are seen in the video rushing to Deputy Jimenez’s aid. While what transpires next is off camera, it is clear that these inmates saved the life of the Officer.

The clever attack was coordinated by at least three inmates. The first lured Deputy Jimenez to the door of the bathroom and kept her occupied while a few others snuck up behind her. The attack kicked off with no warning and could have been a lot worse if other inmates would not have defended Jimenez.

The main attacker was also armed with a sharpened instrument, but was unable to use it as Deputy Jimenez fought her bravely.

The inmates who assisted the Deputy are being praised for their actions, and rightly so. Not all inmates are murderers or even necessarily violent people. While it is important that they serve time for their crime, they should also be recognized when they do the right thing.

Thankfully these female inmates came to the rescue of Deputy Jimenez or this might be a very different article.




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