UPDATE: Videos Surface On Social Media Of U.S. Veterans Captured By Russia In Ukraine

U.S. Veterans Captured By Russia In Ukraine

Many veterans and civilians from around the world rushed to the aid of Ukraine following the Russian invasion. Since then these freedom fighters have simultaneously applauded the tenacity of the Ukrainian people, denounced the corruption of the Ukrainian government, and literally fought to the death against the Russian invaders.

The latest development from the International Legion of freedom fighters is the news that two U.S. veterans were captured by Russia. Alexander Drueke, a 39-year-old Army veteran, and Andy Huynh, a 27-year-old Marine veteran, traveled to Ukraine in April to take part in the conflict as civilians.

Drueke went to Ukraine volunteered to train Ukrainian troops. Huynh told his mother before he left that his goal was not to fight, but to train the teenagers battling Russian forces.

On June 13th, the two men told family members that they would be “going dark” for a day or two while on a mission. This was the last time their family members heard from them. The only news they had for a week was someone who had been serving with the men.

“On June 13, one of those close friends called me and said that they had been out on a mission and that it had gone bad,… Everyone made it back to camp except Alex and the soldier that I knew only as ‘Care Bear,’ because they all use code names.”

Lois Drueke

It’s now confirmed that the nickname “Care Bear” was the code name for Huynh. The men serving with Drueke and Huynh reported that they intercepted Russian communications claiming to have captured two Americans.

The latest development is that videos of the two veterans have now surfaced on social media, though so far unconfirmed by the U.S. government. The videos, less than 10 seconds long, show each of the men saying “I am against war” in English and broken Russian.

Allegedly, the two men stayed behind to cover the retreat of the freedom fighters after the mission went bad. This act of selfless sacrifice likely saved several lives in the conflict.

We salute the bravery of Drueke and Huynh, we hope they make it home safely.




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