Legally Armed Woman Takes Out Her Violent Attacker In Self Defense

Second Ammendment

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many dispute or ignore the fact that nearly all armed assailants are stopped by someone with a gun. The most surefire way to equalize a violent situation is for the victim to be legally carrying a firearm.

All of the arguments prevented by anti-second amendment protesters are sketchy to begin with, but they altogether ignore the fact that most good people with guns who stop a crime do so without pulling the trigger. However, when self defense requires lethal force, the victim is better off having the ability to

A Des Moines woman who was violently assaulted while grocery shopping is grateful she was able to legally carry a firearm for self-defense purposes. The unprovoked attack came out of nowhere when she was pushing a cart full of groceries. The attacker blindsided her, beat her, and put her in a headlock.

The victim pulled out her legally owned firearm and fire one round in self-defense. The bullet struck the assailant in the leg before ricocheting into a bystanders foot. The attacker ceased attacking after the shot and was arrested for assault causing injury.

The attacker, a woman, was previously involved in a violent incident with the victim. However, Police have confirmed that this attack was unprovoked. It appears unlikely that the victim who fired the shot will face criminal charges.

“Iowa law allows for the use of reasonable force to stop someone from hurting you, or someone else and that includes deadly force under certain circumstances,… There’s a statute that says that a person who reasonably uses force as authorized by that chapter is immune from criminal or civil liability for any damages caused in the exercise of that force.”

Defense attorney Katherine Sears

Of course, the mainstream media and gun control activists will be quiet on this one. However, it is an just another example of a good person with a gun stopping a violent assault.

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