Off-Duty Army Officers Try To Rescue Man From Burning Truck

Off duty army officers save motorist from burning truck

It’s always nice to get off work or out of school early, especially on a Friday. For most people this means a relaxing evening at home or extra time to get wild. However, an early Friday afternoon release for two Oklahoma Army Officers turned to complete chaos in moments.

The two Officers were attending the Field Artillery Captain Career Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. On June 10th their class was let out early and the two Soldiers were looking forward to getting the weekend started. That is, until they each spotted a smoking pickup truck rolled on it’s side as they drove past.

The two soldiers then found themselves in a deadly situation that tested their resolve and training.

Captain Hayden Penn was the first of the two Soldiers to arrive on scene where a few others, including another Army Officer, were trying to roll the truck back onto it’s wheels. After a few failed attempts, everyone shifted their attention to getting the elderly driver out through the smashed windshield.

When this also failed, Captain Penn leapt up onto the side of the smoldering truck to pull the man out through the door. That’s when Captain Cody Oswald arrived on scene. Captain Oswald assessed the scene and was immediately concerned by the amount of smoke coming from the vehicle.

“The truck was obviously on fire and there were no emergency vehicles there at that time,… I didn’t know it was Penn on top of the truck, but he was yelling that he had a fire extinguisher in his vehicle, so I ran to get it.”

Captain Cody Oswald

Captain Oswald retrieved the fire extinguisher and prepared to use it if the vehicle caught fire, which it did as Captain Penn pulled the driver out of the vehicle. Oswald used the fire extinguisher to keep the flames down as his classmate and the driver escaped the situation with the help of the other bystanders.

Both Officers credit their military training for their quick actions. But, as we all know, it takes more than training to act when people’s lives are in danger. Both of these men and the other people who jumped in to help are true heroes.




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