Fox News Analyst’s Brother Killed In Chicago By Gunfire Despite Most Restrictive Gun Control Laws In The Country

Gun violence

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, which has done little to deter criminals there from using firearms to commit violent crimes. An average of 2 or more are killed from gun violence in the city each day. Tragically, many of these victims are innocent people trying to go about their daily lives.

One of these recent deaths was the younger brother of Fox news analyst Gianno Caldwell. He is asking for assistance from the public identifying the killers.

Caldwell’s younger brother, Christian, was outside when a black SUV pulled up and several occupants opened fire. Christian was killed and several other bystanders were injured in the senseless attack.

“Living in Chicago should not come with a death warrant,… But for so many people there, it does.”

Gianno Caldwell

Caldwell is using his platform to bring attention to the Chicago violence issue and is critical of the city’s policies that he believes are contributing to the problem.

He asks for prayers for his family during this difficult time, as well as for others who have lost loved ones to Chicago violence.

Unfortunately, thanks to the unconstitutional policies against gun ownership in Chicago, law abiding citizens are unable to protect themselves. This is a prime example of how gun control is an utter failure at preventing violent crime.

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