Medal Of Valor: Sergeant Robert Wilson III Put Himself In The Line Of Fire To Save Others

Sergeant Robert Wilson III

Officer Wilson did a security check at a West Lehigh Avenue GameStop on March 5, 2015, and decided to buy his son a gift while he was there. Officer Damien Stevenson, his partner, chose to wait outside in their marked police car.

Attempted Robbery

Two armed men walked past the officer’s car and into the store. They said it was a robbery and drew their handguns.

Officer Wilson was standing at the register with three store employees and four other customers. The suspects began firing at the officer.

Wilson moved away from the counter to a spot with cover. Doing so, he drew fire from the robbers.

He was hit multiple times but kept returning fire until he was too injured to do so. Officer Wilson’s wounds were fatal.

Partners Arrival

When his partner, Officer Stevenson, heard the gunshots, he got out of the car to confront the suspects as they ran from the store.

He shot one in the back of the leg. The other tried to blend in with the crowd in the store. He ditched his gun and took off his sweatshirt. However, reinforcements arrived and both men were arrested.

Paramedics took Officer Wilson to Temple University Hospital, but there was nothing doctors could do for his severe injuries. He died at the hospital.

He was posthumously awarded the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor for his quick thinking. None of the employees nor other shoppers were hurt in the gunfight.

Anniversary Honored

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw honored Sergeant Wilson on March 5, 2020. The five year annivery of the attempted GameStop robbery.

In a speech she said, “I understand how devastating it is, for all of us, when an officer makes the ultimate sacrifice.”

Wilson’s partner Officer Damien Stevenson spoke about how the shooting affected him. He said, “Imagine closing your eyes and hearing fifty gunshots, for three months straight … and lying to everybody saying that you’re alright.”

Wilsons sister, Shaki’ra Wilson-Burroughs started a foundation as a way for her brothers memory to live on. It provides educational, charitable, and community-based programs.




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