Mortally Wounded Detroit Police Officer’s Partner Never Left His Side As He Died

Thin Blue Line

Being a police officer in today’s climate surrounding law enforcement is incredibly difficult. Add in the insanity that is the crime wave in Detroit and it’s unimaginable.

This was proven by two incredibly heroic Detroit Police Department Officers who were ambushed while responding to a call of shots being fired in the area of Marlowe Street and Joy Road.

Officers Loren Courts and Amanda Hudgens arrived on scene and staged themselves at an intersection. Moments later, gunfire blew out an upstairs window of a nearby building. Both officers vacated their patrol car and moved towards the chaos. That’s when the gunman ambushed them, mortally wounding Officer Courts.

“They approached the building, using their training and their tactics, and they were ambushed,… The first officers arriving were ambushed by this gunman.”

Detroit Police Department (DPD) Chief James White

After being struck by gunfire and as additional units arrived on scene, Officer Courts attempted to gain cover but he had been hit in a major artery. He collapsed to the ground while his partner, still in danger from the shooter, put herself in danger to render aid.

“Officer Courts, struck, attempted to gain cover, but he was already hit in a major artery,… He was dying. He collapses down on the ground. His partner, Officer Hudgens, began to administer first aid. Other officers on the scene tried to give them cover.”

Detroit Police Department (DPD) Chief James White

Officer Hudgens continued to render aid even as the gunman left the building and began to move towards her. Instead of abandoning lifegiving care, Officer Hudgens continued with no consideration of her own safety.

Tragically, Officer Courts died from his wounds. The gunman was killed by other officers as he moved towards Courts and Hudgens.

Unfortunately, leftist policies in Detroit have created an environment where no on is safe. This includes law enforcement officers, who face criminals emboldened by the anti-cop movement. Hopefully officer Courts death will not be in vain, though in Detroit it is unlikely it will lead to any meaningful change.

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