Senior Leader of Islamic State Terrorist Organization Killed in U.S. Drone Strike

ISIS leader Maher al-Agal slain

The United States has successfully killed a top leader of the Islamic State terrorist organization with a precision drone strike.

The target was identified as Maher al-Agal, who was said to be responsible for planning and carrying out global terrorist attacks. This is a major victory in the War on Terror, which is still underway despite Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

The successful strike was conducted outside Jindaris, a town in northwest Syria close to the Turkish border. There were no civilian casualties reported, which is a testament to the servicemembers who carried out the attack.

While this is a major blow to ISIS and it’s capabilities, it won’t be long before a new leader takes over. Hopefully, the gap in leadership will lead to the eventual demise of this despicable terrorist organization.

This event takes place just as Biden is embarking on a tour of the Middle East. He will be speaking with Israeli, Palestinian, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab leaders. The main focus of his visit is to promote regional security cooperation in response to threats from Iran.

Of course, this also takes place as the anniversary of the Afghanistan withdrawal approaches. With the Biden administration being careful not to call attention to last years debacle, it will be interesting to see how this foreign policy attempt goes.

Hopefully the objective is achieved, though it would be easy for a small mistake to have overwhelming global consequences.

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