Medal of Valor: Correctional Officer Defuses Violent Situation After She Is Attacked


Working in law enforcement can be an incredibly dangerous job. However, those who work in correctional facilities are faced with tough conditions each day.

A Denver deputy sheriff was able to defuse an incident where she was allegedly attacked at the jail. For her bravery, she was given the Medal of Valor.

Violent Incident

According to a sheriff’s department news release, Deputy Ida McComb was working in the housing unit of Denver’s downtown jail when she was allegedly attacked. Nearby inmates separated McComb and the attacking inmate, then attacked the alleged assailant in her defense.

“Deputy McComb quickly gained her composure and began to give commands, ordering individuals away from the inmate she believed attacked her and reestablished control of the housing unit while calling for assistance,” the release said.

“Her quick thinking and response redirected a situation that could have spiraled out of control.”McComb joined the department in March. For the last 11 years, she has been an Army reservist serving in countries like. Kuwait, Qatar, Panama, and more.

“Deputy McComb displayed the valor it takes to be a Denver Deputy Sheriff and led with her humanity. She was faced with a very challenging circumstance and with her swift and selfless actions, diffused a volatile situation.”

Sheriff Diggins

Responsiveness Recognized

McCombs was presented with the award during a department ceremony. The Medal of Valor is given to duties who “have exhibited exceptional courage, regardless of personal safety, in the attempt to save or protect others.”

Deputy Ida McComb did just that. If she did not act quickly, the situation could have taken a terrible turn. Even the slightest could have caused others great injury.

However, McComb employed her training that she likely learned in the Army reserves and during her sheriff’s department training to make sure everyone involved made it out of the incident alive.




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