Meet The Deadliest Sniper Of All Time: The White Death

Simo Hayha

The world’s deadliest sniper was a man from Finland, Simo Hayha. He enlisted in the country’s Civil Guard at 17 years old. It wasn’t long before he was known for his skill as a shooter.

Highly Trained Marksman

When he practiced, Hayha was able to fire his bolt-action rifle at a 500-foot target 16 times per minute, an incredible accomplishment. But, then, the Soviet Union invaded Finland in 1939.

The Finnish used guerilla-style tactics against the Soviets. The Russian force had 4,000 soldiers, while Hayha had only 31 men with him, but he was still determined to use his finely honed shooting skills.

Guerilla Tactics

Hayha used white camouflage to hide in the snow and had 25 kills on December 31, 1939. After that, he would hunt for his targets in the snow for as long as it took.

He even went as far as to burrow himself down into the snow so he wouldn’t be seen. He used iron sights because he did not want any light to pick up the optic scope.

As his kill number grew, he earned a nickname, “The White Death.” In the course of under 100 days, he hit 505 kills or a little more than five per day.

Eventually, Hayha was wounded. His jaw was hit by a bullet that exploded, and he almost lost his left jaw. However, he healed and was able to live out his life. In 2002, he died at the age of 96 in a nursing home.




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