The Korean Armistice Agreement That Ended A Brutal Conflict

Korean armistice agreement

It was June of 1950 when communist North Korea invaded South Korea. North Korea’s attack was aided by the Chinese, and Sthe United States assisted South Korea

The Beginning Of The War

South Korea and the United States were caught off guard when North Korea invaded on June 25, 1950. Since they had the upper hand, North Korea was able to make significant progress quickly.

Just two days after the initial attack, the UN was getting reports of the horrible the fighting was, and on top of that, North Korea was committing war crimes. They tortured and forced captives to march for miles on end.

But that wasn’t even the worst of it. The total number of massacres reached seven, and they showed the true horror and inhumanity of the communist forces.

Inhumane Practices

Korean War veterans and massacre survivors testified before Congress about the sheer brutality of the North Koreans. The over 200-page Potter Report estimated that 6,113 American POWs died from enemy war crimes. Somewhere between 11,662- 20,785 from the UN forces were killed.

In the three years the Korean War waged on, almost 3 million Chinese and Korean civilians and soldiers died. The Americans lost 50,000. An armistice ended the war on July 27, 1953.

However, there is no peace treaty between the two countries. North Korea remains a communist country, controlled by a dictator who cares very little for his people. The two counties have tried negotiating in the past, but North Korea has no interest in budging.

There is a massive amount of tension between the two halves. The 2.5 mile wide and 150 mile long demilitaried zone separates the peninsula, and is patroled by soldiers on their respective sides.




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