Medal Of Valor: Officer Rushes To Aftermath Of Oklahoma City Bombing, Rescues Baby From The Rubble

Firefighter reunion

The Oklahoma City bombing was heard and felt for miles, and the memory of that day will never be forgotten.

Jumping In

Officer Don Hull was a few blocks away from the building when he heard the bomb. Even from blocks away, he could feel it too.

He went to the Murrah Federal Building to help pull out bodies from the rubble. Hull said, “I remember a lot- most of it I’d like to forget.”

“You have to understand, I had a history there. I was assigned to DEA for several years. It’s personal. It’s very personal to me.”

Saving a Life

One of the people that Hull pulled out was a little boy named Joseph Webber. There was a News 9 photographer onsite who took a photograph of the exact moment.

Hull said, “As I picked him up, I don’t whether it was just the movement, shock, or whatever, he started to cry.” A cry was a positive sign that little Joseph was alive, and Hull made it his mission to make sure he stayed that way.

Hull did everything he could, from keeping him close to his chest to stem the bleeding. He also did not want the Webbers to see Joshua’s injuries.

“I remember turning my back to the Webbers on purpose because I didn’t want her to see him this way. I mean, I pretty much assumed that he wasn’t going to make it.”

Officer Don Hull

However, Hull’s efforts were not in vain. Little Joseph made it, and Hull visited him in the hospital. Hull even saw him a year after the bombing, and his daughters played with Joseph as the two families had a small reunion.

Rescuer Reunion

The two families went their separate ways. Twenty years later, the two were reunited once again. Joe grew into a 21-year old college student at OSU.

He is majoring in zoology, though he has a love for art. As he met Hull for the first time as an adult, Webber said, “I’m still trying to take it in. It’s cool-now that I actually realize the significance of the day.”

Webber does not remember anything from the day of the bombing, though he has a scar on his cheek. Hull is thrilled that the memory of the day did not have a lasting effect on Webber.

Hull told him, “You were the only good the entire day.”




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