Fugitive Shocks Law Enforcement When She Responds To Her Own Most Wanted Social Media Post


Law enforcement agencies use every availabe avenue to find suspects they are looking for, even it that means taking to social media. Some departments even post a weekly most wanted on their Facebook page, searching for information on suspects whereabouts. This weeks post paid off in a big way for one Oklahoma department.

Weekly Most Wanted- Tulsa Edition

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, law enforcement officers were looking for more information about who shot and killed Eric Graves. They were very interested in speaking with Lorraine Graves about the incident.

Officer put out a call for more information even though they had to people, Jayden and Gabriel Hopson, already in custody. Officers even posted on social media stating that they believed she was an accessory to murder.

According to the post, the murder was the 10th in 2021 for the city. Officer described Grave as about 5′ 7″ and 200 pounds and asked that anyone with information give them a call.

Responding to Your Own Wanted Ad

In a twist, Graves responded on Facebook to the Tulsa Police Departments post, from her own Facebook account.

Her response said, ” What’s where’s the reward money at?” Of course, the internet took to responding to Graves, trying to help her from getting caught.

One user wrote, “Giiiiirl you better stay off social media they can track you !” While another, Dylan Boyd wrote, “Lorraine Graves ain’t gonna be as funny when you get processed.”

Of course, the Tulsa Police Department used their Fugitive Warrant Unit to find Graves. She was in north Tulsa, and they arrested her around 4:30 p.m. She was charged with accessory to murder and was being held on a $500,000 bond.

So far law enforcement officials have not said what the relationship between Lorraine and Eric Graves is.

Post Arrest Social Media Frenzy

The post has generated comments from Facebook users from all over the world who came to check out the woman’s brazen comments, which led to her arrest.

Many point out their her originally comments have been removed, making the trip over to the post a little less exciting. The post has over 409 shares and more than 1,000 comments, likely making it one of the more popular Weekly Most Wanted posts.

This just goes to show you that social media really can be a big downfall, and it did lead to the arrest of this woman.




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