NYPD’s Scarecrow Tactic: Putting Already Stretched Thin Detectives on Watch in High Crime Areas


In New York City, Police Department officials are planning to put already overworked detectives on watch in high crime areas. This so-called “scarecrow” tactic is being implemented in an effort to curb the soaring crime rates across the city.

Union officials are calling the plan a waste of resources, as the detectives’ primary focus should be solving crimes and putting away suspects to prevent future crimes from taking place. This asinine plan will likely result in Detectives leaving the force. Worse, many of them may be harmed in the meantime.

New York City is known for its soft on crime policies, but this latest plan seems fruitless at best. Criminals will not be deterred by the presence of detectives in high crime areas. In fact, they may see it as a challenge to outsmart them.

This is just another long-term affect of the poisonous, anti-Police movement. Of course, it will be brave officers and innocent citizens who will suffer as usual. New Yorkers deserve better. They deserve to feel safe in their own city. But as long as the NYPD is being hamstrung by idiotic policies, that will continue to be a pipe dream.

Considering that citizens in New York aren’t allowed to exercise their second amendment rights in defense of home and hearth, things are about to get even worse.

What do you think of the NYPD’s latest tactic? Let us know in the comments below.




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