Rocket Attack Hammers Coalition Forces

Al Asad

An attack at Al Asad Air Base on Wednesday injured two people. The western Iraq base is home to both the United States and coalition troops.

Close Call

According to the head spokesman of the anti-Islamic State coalition Operation Inherent Resolve Col. Wayne Marotto, 14 rockets were fired at Al Asad at 12:30 p.m. Some hit the base, while others hit the perimeter.

According to Marotto, defensive measures were used during the attack, and they are still evaluating the damage to the base. Thankfully all the base personnel are accounted for.

“Each attack against the [government of Iraq], KRI [Kurdistan region], and the coalition undermines the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law, and Iraqi national sovereignty. Coalition forces are co-located with our [Iraqi Security Forces] and Peshmerga partners on ISF bases. Each attack against the coalition endangers the lives of ISF and Peshmerga forces.”

Col. Marotto

Marotto showed photographs of the damage to the base on Twitter. The photos themselves were taken by the official Security Medi Cell of Iraq.

Source of the Attack

A container truck has stopped near Al-Baghdadi in Anbar and an area close to Al Asad. While the truck appeared to carry bags of flour, it actually held the base that the misses were launched off of.

According to the Iraqi government, there were even more rockets inside the truck. Those exploded, too, causing damage to homes nearby and a mosque.

Al Asad was targeted back in January 2020 by Iranian ballistic missiles. In the attack, 2,000 troops had to find shelter in bunkers.

Latent Injuries

While no one was injured immediately in the first attack, over 100 troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. Two dozen were approved to be honored with Purple Heart medals.

The military said no one died in the attack. However, the head of U.S. Central Command said to 60 minutes that it nearly killed between 100-150 U.S. troops and had the potential to destroy 30 or so aircraft.

The Al Asad attack was not the only one. Erbil Airbase to the north was also hit. Thankfully, no one was hurt or injured in the attack.

After the attack, Marotto reiterated his support for the Kurds and the Peshmerga, saying, “We will continue to work together to deter the attacks against the KRI and its people.” Daesh will not prevail.”




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