Meet The Idaho Teacher Who Prevented A Mass Shooting At School


Mass shootings have become more prevalent over the last couple of decades. Part of those statistics is school shootings, of course. As of March, 2021 there were 30 school shootings in the year.

Recently, one Idaho teacher prevented one from going from bad to worse.

Middle School Shooting

At 9:15 a.m., students are usually settling into their routines for the school day. Instead of diving into the first lesson of the day, the students at the Rigby Middle School in eastern Idaho were running for safety.

Shots were heard on campus, and all students went to a high school that was close by. It turns out one of the sixth graders brought a handgun to school in her backpack.

According to the Associated Press, she fired shots both inside and outside the school. An eighth-grade math teacher, Krista Gneiting, was able to take the gun from the girl.

Talking the Girl Down

According to Fox News, her father, Dean Turnblom, said Gneiting helped one of the injured students get to a safe spot in the hallway and told him to stay still and quiet.

“And she started walking toward the girl, talking to her very calmly and telling her things would be OK, we just needed to stop and think things through a little bit and just tried to settle her down.”

Dean Turnblom

He said, “she put her hand up on the girl’s arm and then just let her (hand) slide down her arm until it got to the gun.”

As soon as she reached the gun, the girl let it go. Gneiting held onto it and the girl until a police officer arrived with handcuffs.

Multiple Injuries

A custodian, Jim Wilson, was hit in one of his extremities, but the bullet had a clean exit. He went to the hospital for treatment and was subsequently released.

A GoFundMe started for him had raised over $26,500. He is described as a “very loved Rigby Middle School custodian.”

Two students were also hit. They will stay in the hospital overnight, and one may even require surgery. Authorities are investigating the shooting to find a motive and where she may have gotten the gun.

Even though Gneiting may have been scared out of her mind at the time, and did not have any formal training, her calm and reassuring manner helped prevent this school shooting from turning out much worse.




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